No Time Sheets - White Paper

No Time Sheets - White Paper

$ 99.00

What It's About

Our CPA, Brandy (with a bit of help from Amy) wrote a very detailed paper outlining exactly how we do business with NO TIMESHEETS. If you are doing timesheets, our hopes are to help arm you with the confidence to make the leap.

We want to start a conversation and a ultimately a movement, a NO TIMESHEET MOVEMENT!
We believe that the companies who focus on purpose over profits can be some of the most meaningful and profitable on the planet.

Letting go of timesheets was also much easier (and better for our company) than we ever imagined.
You can do it, too!

It’s time for a change in our industry.

The value of the work we do is not based on the time we spend doing it. It based on value to the bottom line. Period.

*For an additional $100, Brandy will have a phone consultation with your team to walk you through all the ins and outs and answer any of your burning questions!

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